Shower cabin with sliding doors

Shower cabin with sliding doors? Top functionality for your home!

Country: Netherlands
Project: shower cabin with sliding doors for a house
Product: Sliding systems
Model: Fluido 70

Some prefer to take a shower in the evening, hot and very long, with candles and essential oils, just like a spa. Others prefer to take it early in the morning, as soon as they get up, to start the day with the right determination. Whether you want to reproduce the comfort of a wellness center or a ritual to awaken body and spirit, the shower is an intimate, personal and solemn moment for yourself. To make the experience and the environment even more pleasant, our shower cubicle with sliding doors will transform the space into a microcosm of elegance and lightness.


The project involved the construction of a shower cubicle with sliding doors, for a private house in the Netherlands. Our Fluido 70 was the perfect choice, the system for sliding glass doors that combines technology with a minimal design. The result is a spacious shower cubicle with 2 minimal design soft-close slides. The braking systems available for this solution ensures a light, slow and safe sliding.
Technology, innovation, design combined with product versatility are the key to success for safe and functional installations.


Fluido 70 is a system for sliding doors, which was conceived for glass partitions and doors, yet it perfectly adapts also to the creation of a modern and unusual shower cubicle. It is easily and quickly installed, adapting to any residential and commercial environment. The product, applicable to 8-10mm glass doors and weighing max 70 kg per panel, hides its mechanism inside the upper rail ensuring a compact and essential line.
Fluido 70 also has various door braking systems, in addition to the standard mechanical brake, an anti-shock brake is available, which softens the closing in the last few centimeters and a soft-close brake that gently assists the glass throughout the closing phase.

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