Colcom Group is a global leader within the Glass Hardware market in supplying innovative, high quality and added value solutions.

The investment in human capital and in research and development, is the base of our success.


Growth and market leadership are based on producing and trading very innovative and high quality products, on a broad product range and on developing sales abroad. Internal and external customer loyalty represents our main success factor in order to achieve our targets.


Growth and market leadership are based on the industrialisation and/or the sale of absolutely innovative premium-quality products, a comprehensive product range and the development of sales volumes abroad. The loyalty of customers on the domestic market and abroad is an essential condition for the achievement of corporate objectives.


Our values are proactivity in searching continuous improvement, commitment in satisfying our internal and external customers, passion for our work and our teamwork skills.

Company profile

Colcom’s product range includes shower enclosures, interior and exterior doors, partitions, sliders, handles and locks.

Colcom group recently increased its product range by acquiring the French company Sadev, which specializes with studying, designing, developing and production of external fixing systems, structural façades and balustrades.

Sadev’s engineers and planning department are able to develop custom articles for big projects.

The hydraulic concept is Colcom Group prominent element of R&D that was developed and patented as evolution and synthesis of the automatic-mechanical hinges and the traditional hydraulic door closers already on the market. This can be found in hinges for internal and external doors, and shower enclosures. Thanks to the continuous effort in developing innovative products, Colcom Group has established itself in the global marketplace as a real choice brand within the construction and interior design industry.

The catalog is thus a result of Italian design and style, technical expertise acquired over the years and a remarkable feeling of grasping the marketplace needs and anticipate the trends.

Galvacom does high quality galvanic treatments and PVD, on brass and aluminum. Chrome plating on aluminum is its strength, with a continuous improvement year after year.

The French company Sadev extends Colcom’s product range by adding a whole series of external applications: fixing systems, structural façades and balustrades. A new sales and distribution network, made up by a network of general contractors and architect ateliers.

The entire production process (design, machining and finishing) and distribution in the global market is fully held within Colcom Group among the production, design, support and distribution departments. This allows the Group to put in place the best solution in response to the specific marketplace demands.


Colcom was established in 1961. From a small company that was only working on behalf of a third party, in a short time Colcom transformed its business producing glass fittings, hinges and door closers.

In 2003 Colcom inaugurated the new headquarters in Nave, Italy and the following year sees the establishment of Minusco Holding, which distributes Colcom products in Italy and abroad. 2007 is a further milestone, with the birth of Biloba and Triloba – patented internationally by Colcom – as a new concept of door closer hinges for the installation of glass doors.

2013 marks the birth of Colcom Group where Colcom becomes the main brand within the Group. In 2014 the company was acquired by Wise SGR, a private equity firm that, along with Colcom Group management team, started a development process with the goal of giving a strong sales push and a wider penetration worldwide.

In 2017 Colcom Group acquires the French company Sadev, which specializes with studying, designing, developing and production of external glass fixing systems, structural façades and balustrades, increasing thus the supplying range.

Colcom Group was acquired by SIMONSWERK GmbH in March 2019.SIMONSWERK Business is complementary to Colcom Group and Sadev ones. The cooperation will allow the group to furtherly develop export sales, making a strong leadership in the high-end hinges for wooden and glass door hinges even stronger.

Certification ELITE

On November 3, 2016 we received the ELITE certificate, an important and prestigious award by the London Stock Exchange attesting excellence about manufacturing companies. This was identified and verified in a narrow panel, in each region and market sector.

Proud of this objective achieved, we will continue to benefit from the services offered by ELITE program and enhance our growth process.

Colcom Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2019, the Colcom Group started to meaure the impact it has on the climate by putting in place a project aimed at assessing the footprint of the carbon from its activities. The Colcom Group has decided to quantify the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, in terms of CO2 equivalent, with a first step focusing on operations carried out by its Italian production plants, showrooms and warehouses and shipments departing from Italy.

The calculation was performed following the guidelines set forth by the European (EN16258) and international ISO 14064) standards and international frameworks (CLECAT, GLEC). It includes direct emissions resulting from fuel consumption, indirect emissions from electricity consumption and outbound transport.

Measuring the effects of own operations on the climate is the first major step forward for the Group as evidence of its commitment to sustainable development of its own activities.