Biloba oleodynamic hinge for internal glass doors

Office style? Password: internal glass doors!

Country: Italy
Project: Executive offices – Internal glass doors
Product: Oleodynamic hinges
Model: Biloba 8010 and 8015

Working well is mainly a question of thinking well. The right predisposition helps to overcome any obstacle: a difficult task, stressed collaborators and the vendor machine that won’t work. However, the right attitude requires good conditions, due to external and environmental factors: good lighting (direct light produces endorphins, necessary for a good mood) or in any case a comfortable position ensuring health, well-being and comfort. All tricks that translate into an optimization of work performance. Companies know that: beautiful spacious offices, with multifunctional spaces suitable for different needs, also related to sociability, help to work better. This is the case of these executive offices of an Italian company, where light propagates everywhere in the space, thanks to the internal glass doors. A unique, refined and modern style that pushes everyone to stay in the company much more willingly.


Biloba 8010 and 8015 oleodynamic hinges have been chosen for all the internal glass doors of this company new offices, whose spaces are characterized by a modern and essential design. Colcom’s hydraulic hinge fits perfectly in this contemporary and modern environment. When technology meets design, the result is guaranteed!


Colcom’s rich production stands out for the ideal oleodynamic system to be applied to internal glass doors. Biloba 8010 and 8015 are a new concept oleodynamic door closers, conceived and created by the company’s Research & Development department and protected by an international patent. Ideal for supporting glass doors for both interiors and exteriors (in some cases), Biloba allows automatic, constant and controlled door closing with adjustable speed, and represents the synthesis and evolution of traditional automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

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