Biloba EVO, hinges for doors with 180 opening that revolutionised the idea of door closer, installed on KIRO entrance door in Bolzano.

Kiro’s shop: here are the door hinges with 180° opening

Country: Bolzano – Italy
Project: Kiro’s clothing store
Product: Door hinges with 180° opening
Model: Biloba Evo

The request for this project was to recreate the merchandising window display at Kiro’s, in Bolzano city center. The goal was to give greater importance to the aesthetic beauty of the glass window made in a single block of glass, with no compromise to the functional aspect of the accessories with minimal aesthetic impact, to give extreme transparency and lightness to the entrance. The door, in between hustle and bustle, must then guarantee stability and security. For all these reasons, the best choice was Biloba Evo, the ideal hinge for doors with 180° opening.


Biloba Evo, the hinge for doors with 180° opening, revolutionized the idea of door closers and was used on the entrance door of Kiro’s, in Bolzano. This is the first oleodynamic door closing hinge ensuring 100% adjustable closing and constant braking control, for all door opening angles up to 180°.

Biloba Evo is equipped with an anti-unhinging shock absorber and an overpressure device that prevents breakage in case of accidental tugging. Finally, this hinge has an internal mechanism and a oleodynamic system protected by international patents.

Prompt delivery times, on-site installation quick and easy thanks to the technical support provided by the headquarters but also by the clear assembly instructions present in each box the hinge was packed into – it all was key to the great success of the project.


The minimal and compact design of Biloba Evo hydraulic hinges makes them extremely adaptable to any type of application for rebated doors, ranging from interiors of private homes or offices, to the exteriors of high-passage public buildings, or to bathroom partitions, excluding not many other application areas. Further, it is easy and quick to install with no floor breakage.

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