Fluido plus sliding system for glass door

Fluido+150 sliding system for glass door in Quebec City

Project: The sliding system for glass doors of the new offices of Verre Idéal Inc. in Quebec City were made with the Fluido+ 150 System
Where: Quebec City – Canada

Product: Sliding glass door system
Model: FLUIDO+ 150

In the construction of these new offices, Verre Idéal mainly wanted to ensure great transparency and lightness to the environments, to let natural light filter inside the workspaces, which guarantees great comfort. At the same time, the project wanted every office to be elegant, versatile, and modern, which is why the choice of the system for the sliding glass doors fell on the Fluido + 150.

“Fluido + 150 is the compact system that integrates perfectly into this office environment and is also quick and easy to install”. These are the words of the owner Stéphane.

Fluido+ the sliding systems for glass door blend perfectly with their modern design, allowing security, privacy, and brightness.
Conceived to respond market needs, they are suitable for wall, ceiling, and false ceiling installations. In the false ceiling version, the sliding mechanism is completely hidden.
Fluido+ features the new closing system “Colcom Progressive Closing System” (CPCS), combining minimal design and maximum functionality. The accessory allows an automatic and gradual closing of the door.
The integrated antishock system slows the movement of the door in the last section, avoiding dangerous situations. It does not modify the door’s aesthetics because it is invisible from outside; can be mounted on wooden doors as well. The system is easily and quickly installed in both commercial and residential environments.
Available in finishes natural aluminium, black aluminium, imitation satin stainless steel.

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