Hydraulic hinges for glass doors and sauna doors

Hydraulic hinges installed in a 5-Star hotel in Greece

The glass doors in the wellness area create bright, elegant environments.

Country: Greece
Project: inner doors in the wellness area and sauna glass doors in the 5-star resort
Product: Hydraulic door closer hinges
Models: Biloba and Unica
Architect: MKV Design London UK
Ms. Maria Vafiadi
Spa Name: Althea Spa Retreat

What could be better than pampering yourself and enjoying a wonderful holiday to remember in a 5-star resort on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos?
An oasis of peace where you can enjoy the delights of nature and the landscape and relax in the spa, where glass doors allow natural light to filter in, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Project Scope:
The client’s request was satisfy guests’ needs that have changed since the resort opened in 2001. The client decided to adapt to their guests needs & wants and they rebuilt their spa center in a different location with emphasis on ancient health and beauty traditions of Greece. Spread over 600 sqm, there are 6 treatment rooms including 2 couples’ suites with outdoor courtyards, a steam room, a sauna bath, a thalasso pool, a fitness center and a beauty salon featuring exclusive skincare services.

A 5-star resort where luxury and the search for harmony between the natural wonders and the interior environment form the basis of the project.
Our client Patsis Glass contributed by installing the glass doors in the wellness and sauna areas.
Environments in which harmony and a relaxed atmosphere need to be the hallmark.
Hydraulic door closer hinges Biloba and Unica are fitted to the doors inside this wellbeing resort to allow automatic and controlled closing. The reduced size of these hinges ideally matches the essential design of this spa, where glass is used as a fundamental element to separate areas.

Biloba was conceived for use on internal doors and automatically controls opening and closing. The rate of movement can be adjusted precisely, offering maximum safety as there is no resistance.
The minimal design of Unica, on the other hand, makes it suitable for installation both indoors and out. It comes with a brake, opening/closing speed control and final latching speed adjuster, all in a unit just 56 mm high. It is quick and easy to fit and can also be installed on bottom-hinged applications. A floor plate with an internationally patented built-in tilting system is also provided.

Thanks to its minimal design, this hydraulic hinge can be installed in any environment, both indoors and out. UNICA features a brake, closing speed control and final latching speed adjuster, all in a unit just 56 mm high. Quick-and-easy to install, it can be used with bottom-hinged applications as well. It also comes with a floor plate with an internationally patented built-in tilting system.
Unica and Biloba hydraulic hinges have both obtained TÜV certification in accordance with EN 1154, which considers them, to all effects and purposes, the same as door closers, although their efficiency is much higher (over 90% for hinges compared to 50-60% for conventional door closers).

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