VIRASAFE is a varnish product on a polymer base, which has the ability to release silver ions, the true “active principle” of its functionality.
Leaving the aesthetic nature of the base finish unchanged, it also acts as a protective agent and with average thicknesses of 15/20 nm increases the anti-touch and anti-scratch properties, in addition to conferring greater resistance to atmospheric agents.


VIRASAFE acts primarily on bacteria, microorganisms and microbes (in compliance with the European standard ISO 22196). In addition to virus activity (in accordance with European standard ISO 21702)


VIRASAFE is a transparent top-coating applicable on objects both for interiors and for outdoor use, suitable for domestic environments, for urban and public use, accommodation facilities, public places and for sanitary use.

VIRASAFE, begins its bactericidal and anti-microbial action immediately after installation until the elimination of over 99% of them within 24 hours.

It has a lasting effect throughout the life of the coating. Gentle cleaningcommon to all painted surfaces is recommended.

Which finishes are available with the VIRASAFE treatment?


Which items are availables with the VIRASAFE treatment?


Please take note that in general VIRASAFE doesn’t change standard finishes colors. So standard finishes can be matched with VIRASAFE finishes. (E.G. one lock in finishes 02 can be matched with handle 02VS)

Only finishes 05- aluminium black is a little bit different from 62VS. In this case we suggest you to choose locks selection in finishes 62 or 62VS.

Virasafe prices?

The prices of VIRASAFE finishes on a promotional basis will not be increased until the end of the year 2020 and will have the price of our standard finishes. Delivery time: 3-4 weeks from order confirmation. For further information, the sales office remains at your disposal.