Dear client,
I have been working at Colcom for the past six monthsand, as on the first day, I perceive and experience this effervescent, dynamic and innovative setting from the very first breath I take when I step into the company every morning. Unfortunately, as many other companies and probably also yours, Colcom is feeling the impact of continuous limitations enforced by the Covid emergency, which prevent us from taking care of our most precious resource at this moment, precisely you, our clients and partners. However, we are exploiting this period to organise a deeper renewal of our company, with improvements that will also benefit you very soon. We shall first focus on increasing the speed of delivery for our most sold products.

  • Though our catalogue is highly variable, we are creating a finished product warehouse that will allow us to dispatch our most important items as prompt delivery and/or within 5-10 working days. You will find these products marked by the relative symbols of our new price list, which has been effective since January 2021.
  • Another aspect we consider essential is the quality standard of each of our products. Quality that must always be excellent and constant. Quality that we guarantee and ensure with increasingly attentive and sophisticated processes.
  • Finally, we are reviewing and modernising our internal communication and order processing procedures.This means that we shall enhance the precision and reliability of the information provided to you, our clients, on the order status and its delivery.

I hope, for everybody, that we shall soon have a more serene situation in which we will be able to personally compare notes, see each other and offer you the possibility of appreciating Colcom’s new hydraulic products, which will be arriving these days.

Kind regards,
Joachim Fetz

General Manager