The words of the New CEO Mr. Joachim Fetz

I am honoured to join Colcom Group Spa. It is a pleasure to see that Colcom is a dynamic company, which is developing important changes and ongoing innovations to both products and processes.
Already a few days after joining the company, I felt at ease and welcomed by the team. I appreciate the efforts of all my colleagues in helping me learn everything I need – by working alongside them during this transition period – to ensure continuous improvement.

My primary goal is always customer satisfaction.

Indeed, Colcom has to provide customers with a superior quality product in the shortest possible lead time. Having spent more than 30 years in various companies based both in Germany and in Italy, holding various positions in product development and industrialisation, product management and technical sales, operations and corporate management sectors, I shall make the most of my experience to carry on this mission together with our entire team.

I shall officially become Colcom’s CEO on 01 January 2021.

I would like to particularly thank Dario Pedretti, long-standing CEO who is now leaving Colcom. I wish him every success with his future initiatives, both personal and professional.

Dr. Joachim Fetz