I am writing these greetings  as  a member of Colcom Group’s staff with a blend of sadness and joy. I feel melancholic because, after 17 years of active service, colleagues, clients,
suppliers and even competitors, everybody who has been professionally connected to me over the years, have now become part of my life, my extended family.

I am curious and happy to explore the pleasant uncertainty of facing the new challenges that await me outside the glass hardware sector. I am pleased to know that the company I am leaving behind is healthy and well structured. It belongs to a highly consolidated industrial group interested in making a long-term investment in Colcom Group.

In this regard, the CEO, Mr.Joachim Fetz,  who is succeeding me is a highly skilled person with long-standing experience.
I participated in his selection process and have been working alongside him for quite some time to handover all my know-how about the company. He is  an expert in all aspects of corporate management, both concerning production and business, and also in people management. He is especially keen on ensuring full responsibilisation and professional motivation of staff for their personal benefit and that of the entire team and company.I wish to thank each and every one of you for your trust and for contributing to establish and support this walk of life together.

Thank you everybody, and goodbye.
With sincere affection and esteem.
Dr. Dario Pedretti