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Thousands of glass doors are daily opened and closed both in private and public settings.
The entrance to intensely visited venues, such as cafés and public offices, needs a door closer, just as our homes do.
The door closer hinge automatically accompa¬nies the closure of the door, thus compensating for the lack of attention of users, customers or our children, who usually leave doors open.
Door closer hinges function with a hydraulic mechanism that pushes the door gradually until it is fully closed.


• Easy and rapid installation
• Fewer construction yard surveys
• No risk of accidental breakage of existing floors in case of renovations
• Removal of unattractive elements, such as aerial door closers or plates installed on the floor
• No costs associated with broken floors and the installation of floor mounted door closers with the required sealing
• Can be installed in houses with underflo¬or heating
• Can be installed on room insulation frames

Numerous possible applications and many types of door-closer hinges are available. The niche of traditional door closers basically offers two models: aerial door closers and floor mounted door closers designed for installation on internal and external doors.
The scene of hydraulic door closer hinges offers numberless types of models, a variety of designs, application options spanning internal and external doors, and shower enclosures.

The main features of hydraulic hinges

• TÜV certified
• Tested in the lab
• Individually checked with assignment of serial

• Smooth closure at constant speed
• Adjustable speed, snap closure and alignment

• Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, bathroom area, wellness/spa area
• Customised/light versions

Hydraulic hinges are EN1154 certified by TÜV. This identifies them to all effects and purposes as door closers with su¬perior performance (over 90% for hinges versus 50-60% for traditional door closers).

Confronto chiudiporta pav e Unica
Why choose a door closer hinge
Why choose a door closer hinge