Biloba Evo

The „Polar Cabin“ of Carmenta closes with the Biloba Evo self closing hydraulic hinges

Project: „Polar Cabin“ – The cold cabin
Where: Italy
Ownership and construction: Carmenta srl
Product: Self-closing Hydraulic hinges with automatic closing

The Frigidarium is a cold environment that is normally accessed at the end of the wellness program in warm-lukewarm environments.

Carmenta has created the cold cabin, a super cold room that will be kept between -5 and -10° C to guarantee even the greatest sauna enthusiasts the prospect of diving into the right combination of air and cold typical of the Nordic countries to generate on body a pleasant general toning.

A sensory experience capable of giving vigor and well-being at any time. In creating this elegant and exclusive Cold Cabin, Carmenta chose Biloba Evo hydraulic hinges for the opening and closing of the glass door.


Biloba Evo is the self-closing hydraulic hinge with integrated door closer for internal and external rebated doors.

Its main features are:

  • adjustable closing and constant braking control, for all door opening angles up to 180°. Also available in the version with closing automatism from 90° to 0°. Constant braking control. Free hinge from 90° to 180°.
  • It prevents unhinging through a shock absorber and has an over-pressure device that avoids breaking in accidental shoving scenarios.
  • Hinge with internal mechanism and oildynamic system protected by international patents.
  • Glass thickness from 8 to 21.52 mm
  • Door weight up to 120 kg
  • Final latch adjustment

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