Colcom product portfolio includes countless solutions for shower cubicles, internal and external doors, partitions and sliding door; in private or public spaces as well as offices.

Each product complies with functional and technical requirements to satisfy every application solution.

cerniera con ammortizzatore e chiusura automatica

COLLIO – Hinge with polymer-activated damper and automatic closing system

Fluido+ Compact sliding systems

New Covid Partitions for glass or plexiglass

P35E modular aluminum profiles for glass housing glass thicknesses between 8 and 21.52 mm. They divide the rooms keeping them bright enough.

New Striqe P35E aluminum profiles for glass

Biloba Evo the hinge with integrated door closer for internal and external hinged doors, with adjustable closure and constant braking control.

Biloba EVO integrated door closer

Discover Biloba EVO Frame - the door closer hinge with adjustable closure and constant braking control, for all opening angles.

Biloba EVO Frame door closer hinge

Biloba Unica is the minimal closing door hinge for internal and external doors with brake and adjustment of the closing speed. Find out more!

Biloba Unica door closer hinge

Triloba hydraulic door closer for external doors - it does not require floor breaking and the brake valves can be adjusted. Find out more!

Triloba hydraulic door closer

Unica Slim is the new hydraulic door closer with automatic closing, reduced dimensions and essential design, for indoor environments. Find out more!

Unica Slim hydraulic door closer

Biloba hinges for internal doors that allow automatic closing. Also suitable for rebated doors.

Biloba hinges for internal doors

Maxima Line consists of a wide range of accessories for glass doors with no screws. Lower hinges, upper hinges and attachments to the transom.

Maxima series accessories for glass doors

Flexa locks for glass doors with patented internal mechanism. Small in size, ambidextrous, silent and robust. Find out more!

Flexa locks for glass doors

LOQ Magnetic is the new magnetic lock for internal doors with fully concealed magnetic latch mechanism. Find out more!

LOQ Magnetic lock for internal doors

4360 Spacers are fixings for glass railings available in aluminum, in the usual Colcom finishes and in AISI 304 stainless steel. Find out more!

4360 Spacer Railing

Colcom offers two types of handles for glass doors: a square with clean lines and an ergonomic one with a contemporary design. Discover them here!


Vertical magnetic lock available for rebated or swing doors. Extremely silent and versatile, ideal for the office and home.

Magnetic lock

New range of door handles that combines elegant and clean

Pulling Handles with lock

Vertical lock with self-adjusting latch which prevents annoying shaking when the door is closed. The key locks the latch, but leaves the handle free

Vertical lock

LOQ is the new Colcom line of locks for glass doors suitable for any type of batting application with thin shapes and simple lines. Check it out!

LOQ Series – Locks for glass doors

P20E the aluminum profiles that allow you to create essential frames for continuous walls in tempered and laminated glass. Find out more!

P20E aluminum profiles for glass

Discover the glass clamps in AISI 316 stainless steel, suitable for railings, fixed partitions, stairs, paneling and many other applications.

Clamps in stainless steel Aisi 316

Striqe, aluminum profiles for glass, suitable for doors with a stop. Ideal for essential frames for masonry entrances and glass walls.

Striqe aluminum profiles for glass

Joints, gaskets for movable walls are the ideal solution to join internal glass partition walls, providing an elegant and minimal finish.

Joints – Glass dry joints

Slak sliding with a veil, ideal for fixing to the ceiling or wall of sliding glass doors with single, double and sliding doors on fixed glass.

Slak + Softclose

Slak2, sliding with a reduced-size veil, integrates with SOFT-CLOSE an accessory for the soft closing of sliding glass doors.

Slak 2 + Softclose

Flo sliding system with a veil for easy-to-install sliding glass doors that allows leveling adjustment directly from the floor.

Flo sliding glass doors

Inox Slide sliding systems for glass doors made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It can be fixed to the wall or directly on the glass. Find out more!

Inox Slide

The 8630 automatic hinges are the evolution of the 8610. To support wider and heavier doors, they have been revised in size, find out more!

861-863 Series automatic hinges

Flexa hinges

8650, the side hinges for narrow jambs with linear and square shapes, and 8664, the rounded side hinges for jambs from 30 to 42 mm. Find out more!

8650 and 8664 side hinges

Piuma System, sliding shower enclosure system featuring essential design, clean aesthetics, transparency and elegance. Find out more.

Piuma sliding shower cubicle

Discover Hip zac, Colcom sliding shower enclosure and bath screen. Conceived from the elegant evolution of the

Hip-zac sliding shower enclosure system

Discover the new 5F01T shower glass fixing arm accessory for T glazing bead, specific for shower enclosures, applied to our 5F01 and 5F04 glazing beads

5F01T Accessory for stabilizing bar in “T” shape

Colcom 5F22 glazing bead, square section glass fixing accessories for modern and minimal, customized shower enclosures available in polished or satin finish.

Glass fixed bar 5F22

850-856 system for shower cubicle composed of clicking hinges for glass/wall and/or glass/glass. They allow the instalment of shower enclosures even with non-square walls.

850-856 Series snap hinges

8410N and 8411N hinges for glass/wall and glass/glass shower enclosures, with lifting at opening, 180° opening and covers.

8410N and 8411N hinges for shower enclosures

Black Line, a new line of black profiles for shower enclosures, the hottest product on the market, with essential and rigorous shapes. Find out more!

Black Line

8500N polimer-functioning clicking hinges for shower enclosures, glass/wall glass/glass and offset fixing wing, with new polymer drive, no springs and no visible screws.

8500N POLYMER hinges for shower enclosures

Biloba JC hydraulic door closer with adjustment of the door closing speed, alignment of 0°-point and installation on out-of-square walls.

Biloba JC hydraulic door closer

Biloba EVO VELA retractable door closer for doors with rebated profiles, completely

Biloba EVO VELA retractable door closer

Biloba EVO door closer for internal doors, couples a standard Biloba EVO hinge with a free hinge without automatic closing and windproof brake.

Biloba EVO door closer for internal doors

Biloba 8060 hinges for internal doors with perimeter stop. Ideal for premises that require hermetic sealing, such as saunas and Turkish baths.

Biloba 8060 hinges for internal doors

Biloba Unica NF door closer hinge for internal doors with lock and floor fixing plate customisable in colour. Find out more!

Biloba Unica NF door closer for internal doors

Biloba BT, hydraulic hinges in deep oxidation finish created for application in humid environments such as showers, saunas and Turkish baths.

Biloba BT stainless steel hinges

Bilobina shower hinges certified by international patent, with independent and removable oleodynamic core. Find out more!

Bilobina hinges for shower enclosures

Bilobina Centrale shower hinges, Bilobina range is extended with a squared version. The door can be opened both inwards and outwards.

Bilobina Centrale hinges for shower enclosures

Turkish bath kit consisting of two Biloba 8061BT hinges and Espro profiles that allow the steam to be contained. Find out more!

Set for steam baths

The sauna kit consists of two Biloba 8060BT hinges in the special deep oxidation finish combined with a wooden knob art.5006BT.

Set for saunas doors

Spiders and Swivel Fittings, spider fittings for windows, suitable for the building envelope, for structural windows and external glass applications.

Spiders and swivel fittings

Discover Flat, the floor-standing glass balustrade system with glass fixing adjustment included. Suitable for both public and private applications.

Flat glass floor balustrades

Glass canopies give building façades a touch of class and modernity. Discover the three kits and all the solutions offered by Colcom.

Glass Canopies

Discover SABCO, Sadev Balustrade Concept, the frameless glass balustrade system - wall and floor versions. Suitable for public applications

Glass Balustrades

SLASH, the first shower enclosure system with pivoting door and built-in oleodynamic system which allows automatic door closing. Find out more.

New Slash shower box pivoting door

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