Bathroom and sauna area of a private house

Country: Russia
Project: Bathroom and sauna environment of a private house
Product: Oleodynamic hinges and sliding system
Model: BilobaHip Zac

What is your idea of relaxation? Our personal favorite is a day offline, away from everything and everyone, in a spa, indulging ourselves in a water massage, and then detoxified in a beautiful sauna. What if all this was part of your own home?

It happens in this private residence in Russia, where a glass shower cubicle and a sauna have been built. It allows your body to “let go” and recover after being exposed to harsh temperatures, which Russia is famous for. A corner of wellness and relaxation: the home sauna is no longer an impossible luxury, thanks to much lower costs than in the past and installation techniques involving no particularly complicated tasks.


Biloba was installed on the door to access the sauna, while Hip Zac was installed on the glass shower cubicle. The first allows a gentle and regulated closing of the door and, thanks to the special deep oxidation finish, a high performance against corrosion and high temperatures typical of a sauna was ensured. The sliding door, applied in the square version to the shower cubicle, is the result of the elegant and lightened evolution of visible sliding doors for interiors.

The small size of Biloba and the refinement of Hip Zac fit perfectly in this bathroom/sauna with a modern and refined design.


Colcom’s rich production is distinguished by the hydraulic system applied to door closer hinges. A new concept of a traditional hinge, conceived and created by the company’s Research & Development department and protected by an international patent. Biloba hydraulic hinges, also ideal for supporting shower enclosure glass doors, allow automatic, constant and controlled door closing with adjustable speed, and represent the synthesis and evolution of traditional automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

Hip Zac , on the other hand, is the sliding system for shower enclosures and bath screens, which is the result of the elegant and lightened evolution of visible sliding doors for interiors. The tube is in stainless steel and is manufactured in the round and square versions. The system is available in the variants for corner, linear and niche shower cubicles, in different sizes.

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