Shower cubicle with tempered glass

Shower cubicle with tempered glass: a beautiful and functional private residence

Country: Poland
Project: Home Bathroom – Private residence – Bathroom – Interiors
Product: Tempered glass shower cubicle
Model: Verto

This is the place where the most important and final decisions are made. Where the brightest ideas come up and the best speeches prepared. In the shower, people think, sing, smile and relax. One of the most intimate places in the whole house, where we, stripped to the buff, allow ourselves the luxury of relaxation, between warm vapors and familiar scents. Morning routine essential to start the day off on the right foot and indispensable in the evening before going to bed. If the shower cubicle is in tempered glass and equipped with Verto oleodynamic hinge, then becomes an element of great design and functionality, too good to miss in anyone’s home.


Verto has been applied to the bathroom of this private residence in Poland, both to the shower cubicle with tempered glass and to the adjacent separate room for the toilet. A very original installation which made space a unique with a special design effect. Finally, functionality and ease of installation avoided any breakage of the beautiful marble floor during the setting phase.


Verto minimal design allows its application in any environment, both external and internal, even shower enclosures with tempered glass. It comes with a brake, to adjust the closing speed and the final release of the door, all in just 56 mm in height. Installation is simple and quick; finds application in pivoting installations, too. Finally, it is equipped with a ground plate with integrated tilting system and is protected by an international patent.

These hydraulic hinges feature the EN 1154 certification from TÜV which equates them in all respects with door closers despite having a much higher performance (over 90% for hinges against 50-60% of traditional door closers).

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