Internal doors and shower cabinets in glass

Internal doors and shower cabinets in glass? Our hinges are the ideal solution for any setting

Country: Italy
Project: spa settings and internal doors for an Extra-Luxury Resort
Product: hydraulic hinges
Model: BilobaBiloba UnicaBiloba Evo

When you dream about escaping the daily grind and finding refuge away from stress and commitments, what comes to mind?
We like thinking about luxury accommodation where you can recharge your batteries in plush, tastefully furnished rooms where everything is in place to ensure the utmost comfort and relaxation.
We like thinking about a facility designed to safeguard the natural environment, the culture and traditions of the host community.
We like thinking about a special location where we can enjoy unforgettable treatments in the spa and wellbeing area.

Everything has to be perfect in this fantastic 5-star accommodation in the Italian Dolomites, where care has been taken over the smallest detail, and the functionality of every product installed is on a par with the stunning aesthetics.
Colcom hydraulic hinges have been selected and installed in numerous areas of the facility to ensure practical efficiency and style – the perfect combination.

The black version of the Biloba hinge has been installed on the glass doors which access the foyer and accentuate the spectacular view to the outside, filling the area with light and clarity.

The minimalist, refined Biloba Unica hinges enable doors on glass shower cabinets to be closed automatically, softly, and in a controlled fashion.

Designed for application in wet areas such as showers, saunas and steam baths, Biloba BT hydraulic hinges are installed at the entrance of the main sauna area. Equipped with features characterizing the entire Biloba range, the Biloba BT hinges come with AISI 420 stainless steel pins and Viton O-rings. They can withstand temperatures up to 100°C. The tested, guaranteed and hence recommended finishing is the “22“ (20 micron deep oxidation).

The Biloba Evo hinges bestow the glass doors accessing the massage area with beauty and elegance.
The 5H11 handles, the 8654 side hinges and the 8500 spring hinges are present in other parts of the wellbeing area.

The wide range Colcom products stands out for the hydraulic system applied to door-closing hinges. A new concept of a traditional hinge, conceived and created by the in-house R&D department and is protected by an international patent.

Biloba hydraulic hinges are also ideal for supporting shower enclosure glass doors as they ensure automatic, soft and controlled closing of the door with adjustable speed. They encompass the synthesis and evolution of traditional automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

Biloba EVO is the prestigious, revolutionary hinge with built-in door closer for internally and externally hinged doors. The first hinge with adjustable closing and constant braking control for all door opening angles up to 180°. Also available in the version with 90° to 0° closing automation. Constant braking control. Free hinge from 90° to 180°. It prevents unhinging through a shock absorber and has an over-pressure device that avoids breaking in accidental jerking scenarios.

The essential design of BILOBA UNICA enables the installation in any type of setting, both outdoor and indoor. UNICA features a brake, closing speed adjustment and final latch in a space of only 56mm height. It’s easy and quick to install and can be used in pivot applications as well.
These hydraulic hinges have obtained TÜV certification to EN 1154 for use as real door closers, though their performed is even higher (over 90% for the hinges versus 50-60% of traditional door closers).

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