Black shower enclosure: top elegance for this hotel in Lamezia Terme

Country: Italy
Project: black shower cubicle for a hotel in Lamezia Terme
Product: Black line – for shower cubicle
art. 8500 and accessories
Installation: Giampà glassworks by Angelo Giampà

The Italians’ favorite room? Definitely the bathroom. Whether at home or a hotel, the restroom is the room we most like to spend our time in. Who never spent some time reading in there? Others like singing in the shower or indulge between salts and perfumed essences. When in a hotel, the toilet has to immediately make a good impression, and be absolutely fine. With our black shower cubicle, the bathroom is eccentric to the right degree and never goes unnoticed.


Our BlackLine range – black lacquered for shower enclosure – has been included in the hotel project in Lamezia Terme. The intervention had to consider the limited spaces available, which couldn’t renounce a pleasant and contemporary beautiful result. The choice of black lacquered accessories made the difference, making the bathroom a modern and functional environment. In addition, the variety of Colcom accessories allowed the creation of various types of glass shower cubicles: niche, cornered, with fixed glass or just with a single opening door. The construction and installation of the black shower cubicle was carried out by Angelo Giampà’s Giampà glassworks.


The BlackLine range, the black lacquered shower enclosure kit, fully meets all current market trends. Essential and rigorous shapes for all the accessories in the range and available for 6-8 and 10 cm crystals. The “black” details decorate the space making it modern, harmonious, with the right dose of ‘rock’.

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