Sliding glass partitions

Sliding partitions for the Mercedes showroom in Russia

Country: Russia
Project: Mercedes showroom in Russia
Product: Sliding partitions
Model: SLAK-T sliding system

As time goes by, the car world has increasingly evolved towards a new concept of sales point. Dealers and showrooms went through a profound restyling, with new interior fittings. Redesigned spaces, transparencies, new furnishings, furniture, offices and elements that convey modernity and create a welcoming atmosphere, for the sake of comfort, breaking the codes of traditional car distribution. Perfectly in line with these new rules, it is the Mercedes showroom in Russia that chose sliding glass partition walls for greater brightness and airiness of the rooms.


For the partition walls of this Mercedes showroom, the SLAK-T telescopic sliding system with a two-way track was chosen, which allows the parallel sliding of two movable glass doors. The ideal solution for dividing large rooms, yet allowing a significant passage spaces and ensuring brightness everywhere. Great transparency and brightness distinguish this Mercedes showroom in the city of Izevsk, Russia.


Colcom offers SLAK-T, a sliding door with a veil, whose peculiarity is the reduced and light size of the covering profile and the sturdiness of the sliding mechanism. SLAK-T is suitable for a wide range of modern and minimal architectural applications. SLAK-T is designed for ceiling or wall fixing, with simple, double and sliding door on fixed glass solutions. Consistent with our philosophy, Colcom offers SLAK-T at an absolutely competitive price.

Upon request, SLAK-T can come equipped with the new SOFT-CLOSE sliding closure accessory (art.BS35). It is an internal soft closing mechanism that allows a more controlled stop. With SOFT-CLOSE the door is braked slowly and automatically repositioned until it silently touches the closing stop. This movement avoids door wear and possible slamming. SOFT-CLOSE is not included in the kits and is available upon request.

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