Glass partition walls Colcom
Glass partition walls Colcom

Partition walls for a nicer office

Country: Italy
Project: partitions for the offices of a private company
Product: Automatic hinges
Model: 8610 and 8630

Ph: Mattia Aquila

Goodbye dark and impractical offices. It’s time for beautiful, bright spaces, the ingredients for a better work environment. Just as in work, less rigid is better. Environments must encourage more effective communication, facilitate meetings through transparent, almost invisible partitions for the office. The direction today is to build increasingly creative spaces, in order to invest in the quality of headquarters, where we can feel at ease and stimulated at the same time. Although the partitions of this corporate office divide the room, they won’t create a closed space, allowing anyone to momentarily detach, relieve stress, and taking no shared space away.


Architecture and design: current market trends require transparency and lightness.
In this case all accessories must be the least visible as possible. The automatic hinges, 8610 and 8630, installed for this project, fully reflect our philosophy “We build the invisible”. The result is an environment full of personality, modern, extremely bright and with a strong visual impact. The office nearly invisible partitions give the workers, those who live the company day by day, a greater freedom, a stimulating and dynamic place where everything is almost open, with private meeting rooms and more informal areas to relax or socialize, live or online. This project, therefore, represents the perfect combination of design, attention to detail and technology.

The installation is carried out by 2M glassworks, while the photographic shootings were made by Mattia Aquila.


To support and move the doors within the office partitions, our automatic hinges 8610 and 8630 have been used, equipped with a return automatic closing mechanism starting from 85°. The door closes quickly and safely. They are made in various finishes and models, to offer bespoke glass doors with quality accessories and exclusive designs, destined to last over time. The 8630 series has been tested and guaranteed for 500,000 cycles.

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