SABCO frameless glass railings
SABCO frameless glass railings

Glass railings: the sports hall is 100% beautiful and safe

Country: Rezé – France
Project: Glass railings of the “Salle Sportive Métropolitaine de la Trocardière” sports hall
Product: Glass railings
Model: Sabco

The Salle Sportive Métropolitaine de la Trocardière in Rezè is a multi-sports center located in the city of Rezé, Loire-Atlantique, France. It is a sports hall that hosts high-level basketball, handball or volleyball games and its structure is one of the most important in the province of Nantes. The hall has over 4,000 seats, designed by the architecture firm “Chaix & Morel and Associates” and was inaugurated in August 2015. In addition to large public areas and toilets on all floors, the building has a VIP area with 600 seats, a shop, two video billboards, a state-of-the-art audio system and an outdoor parking area with 1000 lots. Something too good to miss was the glass railings made in a workmanlike manner!


SABCO by Sadev was chosen for the balustrade of the sports hall in Rezé, the frameless glass railing system, floor version. In public buildings, safety rules must always be satisfied, especially when it comes to stadiums or sports buildings, often crowded with fans and spectators. The best choice was SABCO precisely to ensure 100% reliability, since it is designed in line with all the regulations of the French construction code.


This is what you get when innovation meets transparency. SABCO, Sadev Balustrade Concept, the frameless glass railing system – available in wall and floor versions. This solution is particularly suitable for public applications such as airports, stadiums, shopping centers and buildings. SABCO has been designed to meet all the technical and certification requirements of the market, offering maximum transparency and the highest degree of safety.

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