Sabco glass balustrades

Glass balustrades for the Longchamp Paris racecourse

Country: France
Project: Longchamp Paris racecourse
Product: Glass balustrades
Model: SABCO

The Longchamp racecourse located in the municipality of Paris stands on the remains of an ancient abbey, destroyed during the French revolution. The site covers nearly sixty hectares between the Seine and the Bois de Boulogne, revealing several race circuits. Built in 1857 by Antoine-Nicolas Bailly, it was inaugurated by the emperor Napoleon III and his wife the empress Eugenia. Bombed in 1870 and during the First World War, the site experienced difficult times over the years, again becoming a cattle pen in 1914. Today, the Longchamp racecourse has been completely renovated by the well-known architect Dominique Perrault who also designed the France National Library. In fact, he himself chose the SABCO glass balustrades.


The architect Dominique Perrault has successfully accomplished the metamorphosis of this historical landmark. After 2 years of work, the famous Parisian racecourse has welcomed new visitors since April 29, 2018. After its first official opening, 160 years ago, this historic building, now called Paris Longchamp, has been modernized and changed its appearance under the governing body France Galop. The restructuring was handled by BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION; SADEV participated by the will of the architect Dominique Perrault (DPA) with the aim of “sharing their backgrounds and widening their views”. Views guaranteed thanks to the installation of our SABCO glass balustrades.
The splendid 360° view of the circuit will offer a new experience to racing fans.


This is what you get when innovation meets transparency. SABCO, Sadev Balustrade Concept, the frameless glass railing system – available in wall and floor versions. This solution is particularly suitable for public applications such as airports, stadiums, shopping centers. SABCO has been designed to meet all the technical and certification requirements of the market, offering maximum transparency and the highest degree of safety.

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