The Sabco glass balustrades renovate the balconies of the Campus hotel

Projct: Hotel campus – Collecchio – Parma
Where: Italia
Realized by: Laboratorio Vetri e Cristalli 

Product : Balustre in vetro  Sabco

Renovating a hotel is useful for relaunching its image and making it more comfortable and interesting in the eyes of customers. Intervening with adequate work is a complex and articulated activity, which varies depending on the type of hotel and the number of stars of the structure.

In the specific case of the Hotel Campus in Parma, which was the subject of a general renovation, Laboratorio Vetri e Cristalli took care of the modernization of all the balconies of the hotel.

The balconies that were previously closed by a metal railing that gave an anonymous image to the building, now have a more modern, contemporary, and light look thanks to the installation of glass railings, Sabco.

The project used 110 meters of Sabco glass balustrades, model P21WP.


SABCO, Sadev Balustrade Concept, is the system for frameless glass balustrade, available for wall, floor and built-in-slab mounting. It is particularly suitable for public applications such as airports, stadiums, shopping centres and buildings.

Maximum transparency and high level of security. SABCO has been tested to meet all technical and certification requirements of the market.

Glass balustrades are gaining in popularity due to their unobtrusive appearance while at the same time providing enhanced visual perspectives for occupants and spectators. Due to these advantages it is becoming more common for glass balustrades to be utilized for balconies, terraces, staircases and stadiums.

Each profile of our Sabco Balustrades has long been certified for the European market by French Avis Technique 2 / 15-1673, by the British Standard BS EN 6180: 2011 and by German AbP 16-057P.

Discover the project realized with Sabco Glass Balustrade.

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