Sabco glass balustrades

Balustrades of a private villa in Canada

Country: Canada
Project: Private villa
Product: Balustrades
Model: SABCO

Thick woods, enchanted glaciers and cities where you will want to move to immediately. Boundless spaces where nature shows itself in all its forms, from the Rocky Mountains to the Niagara Falls, from the polar bears of the tundra to the whales of the fjords. Canada is the triumph of wild nature, chills and wonder facing forests that stretch as far as the eye can see, and red woods like the leaves of maples waving on the national flag. In this wonderful place this villa stands out as the main character of our project, between home comfort and the beauty of a verdant garden, protected by our SABCO balustrades.


SABCO glass balustrade was the right choice for this unusual application. The wonderful garden of this Canadian villa is now protected by glass supported by SABCO. Lightness, elegance, transparency and absolute safety, all in one product. SABCO balustrade has been designed to meet all the technical and certification standards required by the market.


The glass balustrade is a trendy and widespread product, which is suitable for multiple applications. The glass balustrades are used to secure the balconies, terraces, stairways, stadium grandstands and shopping centers. In the pursuit of innovation, SADEV® has developed a line of transparent glass balustrades. The latest new-entry of the line is SABCO, a profile for glass balustrades. Each profile is certified by French Avis Technique 2/15-1673, a French body that issues technical opinions; the British BS EN 6180:2011 standard, by AbP 16-057P and the Uni 11678 standard. SADEV® offers the technical and aesthetic solution for all your glass balustrades projects.

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