Project Description

Glass partitions for office

Glass partitions wall for House office in Belgium

Project: Glass partitions wall for House office in Belgium
Where: Bonheiden – Belgio
Company: All Glas Walschaerts


Who has never wanted to work from home and have a small studio there?

It would be nice to be able to work from home, in a bespoke office.Welcoming and bright, but at the same time allowing us to have a private area away from the home confusion, from the screaming children, from the slamming doors and from the ringing cell phones. But is this actually possible? It depends on the work one does, but of course yes, it is possible!

The company All Glas Walschaerts from Bonheiden – Belgium confirms this with this beautiful project.

The office partition made with P35E, P20E profiles and Biloba Evo hinges, all in black finish, transforms the space at home into a comfortable, design and functional work environment.  The project, which is very attentive to the detail, has as its protagonist the door, whose important width of 110 cm, is supported and moved by the Biloba EVO 835E hinges.


  • Biloba Evo, the hinge for doors with 180° opening, revolutionized the idea of door closers and was used for this home office glass partition wall in Belgium. This is the first hydraulic door closing hinge ensuring 100% adjustable closing and constant braking control, for all door opening angles up to 180°.
  • P35E is the first hybrid aluminium system available on the market which can accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 21,52 mm. It is suitable for office and residential applications, and allows to divide interior spaces easily, leaving brightness untouched.
  • P20E is the aluminum profile for continuous walls made of tempered and laminated glass. Since it easily divides the space ensuring the area’s luminosity and improving area’s privacy. This profile for glass fixation has an extremely reduced shape and, with only 25mm height and 27mm width, can fit glasses from 8mm up to 13,52mm thickness. Only one profile which can be combined with two different gaskets’ kits: one for glass 8-10,76mm and one for glass 11,52-13,52mm.
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