BILOBA, the hydraulic door closer needing no floor breaking.
BILOBA, the hydraulic door closer needing no floor breaking.

The hydraulic door closer for Lanzani Laboratory in Brescia

Country: Brescia – Italy
Project: Lanzani Laboratory – Shops and restaurants
Product: Hydraulic door closer
Model: Biloba

A laboratory, a place to experiment and create, is an idea by Alessandro Lanzani, who opened a loft a few years ago, for the pleasure of offering something new to the city of Brescia.

In 2015, one of the degraded buildings in via Milano was completely transformed into an original loft, which recalls post-industrial atmospheres for an absolutely neat appearance. Laboratorio Lanzani – this is the name of the restaurant – feature evocative interiors, vintage furnishings with rough surfaces and tables made from old doors, as well as exteriors. It was defined as an ‘urban programming’ where the past would be tangible and a new use of space – studied, amidst the folds of history. Nothing is left to chance here, not even the front door on which our Biloba hydraulic door closer is installed.


BILOBA is the hydraulic door closer needing no floor breakage, concentrating maximum functionality and beauty. Featuring a gentle and controlled closure, it found application on the entrance door of the Lanzani Laboratory, an industrial environment transformed into a design and trendy venue, where quality is home. A success with the public, young people in particular, who go there to eat well and have fun.


Colcom’s rich production is distinguished by the hydraulic system applied to its hydraulic door closer. A new concept, conceived and created by the company’s Research & Development department and covered by an international patent. Biloba hydraulic hinges, also ideal for supporting glass doors for exteriors, allow automatic, constant and controlled door closing with adjustable speed, and represent the synthesis and evolution of traditional automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

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