New Privacy Booth featuring Colcom Self-Closing Hydraulic hinge Biloba Evo

Project: New Privacy Booth featuring Colcom Self-Closing Hydraulic hinge BILOBA EVO
Where: Canada and United States
Company : Spec Furniture

Products : BILOBA EVO self-closing hydraulic hinge

Spec Furniture’s new and innovative Talk Zone booth is designed to provide a private space in busy environments utilizing Colcom’s Biloba EVO self-closing hydraulic hinges to ensure the door closes automatically after a person enters the booth to provide a tranquil environment for work and conversations.

The TALKZONE Booth can be placed in any environment such as a shopping center, a corporate office, a show room, the lobby of an airport and even in your home! You can take an important call, send some emails, or simply unplug from the world for some much-needed quiet time.

The booth’s innovative design utilizes one Colcom EVO Hydraulic hinge and one Colcom EVO free-swing hinge paired with a Colcom ladder pull handle 5H11.


Colcom is the global expert in self contained hydraulic door closer technology, with multiple options which are covered by international patents.

The Biloba EVO is a revolutionary hinge with an integrated door closer for glass doors with a stop. It is the first hinge with adjustable closing speeds and constant brake control, for every opening angle up to 180°. It is also available in the version with automatic closing from 90° to 0°, constant braking control and free movement from 90° to 180°. The hinge features a damper to prevent breakage prevent accidental “slamming” or forceful movement of the door.

These hydraulic hinges have TÜV the certification as per EN 1154, classifying them as door closers, even though their performance is superior  to traditional door closers (>90% for the hinges against 50-60% for the traditional door closers).

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