Hydraulic hinges Biloba-Evo for glass doors

The hydraulic hinges Biloba Evo have been chosen for the office doors of a prestigious international bank group

Country: Spain
Project: Offices of an international bank
Product: Hydraulic hinges
Model: Biloba Evo

This bank is a multinational Spanish bank group, with a strong regional-oriented origin. The recent bank strategy, though, is particularly focused to foreign expansion, which led it to operate in 40 countries.

The expansion of a company, a commercial building or a bank features the realisation of new offices as well.
In the specific case the clarity of spaces and the transparency of glass doors cannot disregard the privacy of the customer, mandatory in this field.

Discretion is guaranteed by the satin films which have been installed on glass doors, while the soft and smooth closure of the doors is allowed by Biloba Evo door closer hinges.
Biloba Evo hinges enhance the glass door’s beauty and elegance, accommodating at the same time the need for an automatic and adjustable closing, with constant braking control.

Colcom’s rich production stands out for the hydraulic system applied to door closer hinges. This is a new concept of the classic hinge, conceived and realised by our R&D department, covered by international patent.

Biloba Evo is the exceptional and revolutionary hinge with integrated door closer, for inner and outer doors with a stop. It is the first hinge with adjustable closing and constant brake control, for every opening angle up to 180°. It is also available in the version with automatic closing from 90° to 0°, constant braking control and free movement from 90° to 180°.
The hinge features a damper which prevents from unhinging and an over-pressure device, preventing from breakages in case of accidental movement of the door.
These hydraulic hinges have obtained by TÜV the certification EN 1154, classifying them as door closers, even though their performance is much superior (>90% for the hinges against 50-60% for the traditional door closers).

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