Biloba door closer hinge for external glass door
Biloba door closer hinge for external glass door

Brookline Bank: dreamy entrance with the glass doors for exteriors

Country: Boston, US
Project: buildings and public spaces – Brookline Bank entrance with glass door for exteriors
Product: Hydraulic door closer hinge
Model: Biloba

In this period, the banking sector is proving to be in great turmoil. All over the world, credit companies launch into mergers, the creation of new brands and the conception of new financial formulas. One of the clearest reflections of all is the study of increasingly welcoming, seductive and captivating environments. This is the case of the Brookline Bank in Boston which, right from the entrance, features glass door for exteriors, introducing the customer to the conviviality and hospitality of the environment.


Brookline Bank is an important American financial institution, which has branches throughout the USA (25 offices in Boston only) to offer services to both companies and individuals.
The entrance of the Brookline Bank in Boston, a highly prestigious building and public environment, is characterized by maximum functionality and beauty. The result of this project is an elegant external glass door, surrounded by a bright round arch, which welcomes the customer in a refined and elegant space. Everything is directed towards the construction of a coherent and unitary whole, destined to welcome the person not only in a metaphorical sense.

The entrance is now easier and faster, thanks to Biloba, our oleodynamic door closer hinge that avoids the breaking of the floor.


Colcom’s rich production is distinguished by the oleodynamic system applied to door closer hinges. A new concept, conceived and created by the company’s Research & Development department and covered by an international patent. Biloba oleodynamic hinges, also ideal for supporting glass doors for exteriors, allow automatic, constant and controlled door closing with adjustable speed, and represent the synthesis and evolution of traditional automatic hinges and traditional door closers.

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