BILOBA EVO Show Room Istanbul

The very scenic showroom with soft and enveloping architecture, for the textile company Ulupınar Tekstil, in Istanbul, is embellished with the Biloba Evo hydraulic hinges

Project : Ulupınar Textile Showroom
Where: Istanbul- Turchia
Architect  : Zemberek Design
Models: Biloba Evo  art.835E50 – 835E10
Prodotti : Biloba Evo
Realized by: BM Cam Donanımları


The Biloba Evo hydraulic hinges in the glass-glass version art.835E50 and in the glass-wall version 835E10, have been perfectly inserted in the very stenographic showroom with soft and enveloping architecture, conceived by the Zemberek Design architecture studio for the textile company Ulupınar Tekstil, in Istanbul.

These are the words of the architects to describe the project.

The showroom areas are designed to host fashion designers of retail brands. By focusing on the designers who are the main users, it was aimed to create alternative working setups that would allow visitors to own the space as their office.

The journey of the users in four main showrooms has been designed as a holistic and as well as partitioned flow. While these sections are separated from each other by circular plans that are defined in different sizes according to product varieties and quantity, the boundaries of the circular areas are connected to each other by walls that rise and fall in harmony with curvilinear lines completed with transparent surfaces.

The design language and material decisions are developed to reflect the plain and elegant language unity felt in the company’s product range.

Handcrafted custom details designed and the materials such as brass, marble, and wood are chosen for exhibition modules diversified as a symbol of the richness and care of the products that are on display.

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