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Joints – Glass dry joints

G2G glass dry joints offer the ideal solution for joining slimline internal glass partitions, providing a sleek and minimal finish to enhance the overall aesthetics of your glass partition. Providing a suitable alternative to silicone G2G dry joints minimise on-site time with quick, easy installation usign integral high bond adhesive tape, whilst removing the mess and wastafe that sealants can create.

Whether you’re interested in our standard G2G range or a new profile development, we could help you develop areas of your partition business more effectively.

• High clarity
• Suitable for standard and laminated glass
• Suitable for glass thicknesses of 8mm – 16.8mm
• Excellent adhesion between glass and joint
• Exclusive Black Collection available
• Held in stock for immediate despatch
• Manufactured in our UK factories
• Customised colours are an option