New Privacy Booth featuring Colcom Self-Closing Hydraulic hinge BILOBA EVO2022-07-25T11:52:17+02:00
Fluido+150 sliding system for glass door in Quebec City2022-07-25T12:08:10+02:00
The Biloba Evo hydraulic hinges chosen as door closers for the glass doors of the offices in the Just Work multifunctional space in Istanbul.2022-07-25T12:16:04+02:00
CO 868 series – Hinge with polymer activated keep-close system2023-12-27T14:45:35+01:00
Hydraulic hinges for glass doors of a prestigious international bank group2022-07-25T12:18:43+02:00
Fluido+ sliding system for glass door2023-03-29T15:55:17+02:00
Internal doors and shower cabinets in glass? Our hinges are the ideal solution for any setting2022-08-09T11:20:52+02:00
Hydraulic hinges installed in a 5-Star hotel in Greece2022-08-09T11:25:58+02:00
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