LOQ Magnetic lock for internal doors

LOQ Magnetic

LOQ MAGNETIC is the new lock series for glass doors,expanding and completing our already available LOQrange. Slim shapes and simple lines enhance the clearand essential design of glass doors. The mechanismwith magnetic latch guarantees maximum safeness andavoids unpleasant scratches on the walls.Noiselessness and closing precision are the mainfeatures; the locks can be installed in offices andresidential spaces.

LOQ MAGNETIC series is available in satin andpolished stainless steel, as well as in Colcom standardfinishes. Handles and cylinders are to be orderedseparately in three different models, depending oninstallation needs.


  • Magnetic latch mechanism. The lock just makes a “click” and more you can close the door without needing to operate the handle
  • The latch is triggered when facing the magnetic strike plate. The door frame is not rubbed by the latch , which enters directly into the strike plate .
  • The latch is INVISIBLE when the door is open because it remains inside the lock
  • Big tollerance when positioning the lock thanks to powerful magnets
  • Universal latch, so you don’t need to turn it around depending on the configurataion of the door
  • Closing precision