SIMONSWERK has been one of the most widely re-nowned manufacturers of hinge systems for resi-dential doors, main entrance doors and for doors in public buildings.
The company is famous for high quality standards, ongoing product innovation and high client loyalisation.

You are aware that Colcom has been a member of Simonswerk Group for about one and a half years. Together, we are the protagonists of in-novation in the sector of systems and accessories for tempered glass and wooden doors. Our companies are united by a custom-designed project and by research focused on finding innovative solutions, whi-le enhancing safety, which is always a priority. The entire production process (design, processing and finishes), and distribution in the mar-ket (Italian and international) are carried out within the group, always ensuring the best possible solution.
With nine offices located in Europe and North America, the Group’s products are sold in the 5 continents and in more than 70 countries. Our capillary presence is achieved through partner companies, which manage the distribution of Colcom and Simonswerk products.

Our future goals: expand the product portfolio for clients and develop the international presence of Group companies.