Why invest in research and innovation of hydraulic products? 

We could ask why oil is used in self-closing door hinges, which must close with a regular motion.

In the first place oil is a versatile adjustment device that allows hinges to adapt to the client’s needs, besides behavioural and fitting requirements. Indeed, a Colcom hydraulic hinge is capable of gently closing both light and heavy doors, and of generating either a slow or quick movement by simply adjusting a nozzle.

It must also be said that oil is a fluid, which is undergoing continuous technological innovation in terms of formulation and additivation.

This allows to adapt the behaviour of hinges to different user scenarios.

Moreover, oil allows to solve construction specifications as it can, for instance, precisely regulate fluid viscosity in a broad application field.

Moreover, oil inside hydraulic hinges has the combined function of regulation and lubrication, which perfectly adapts to the miniaturisation needs of products where all the space available must be exploited.

Today we can certainly consider hydraulic hinges the highest expression of the design-function-duration combination.

This type of product is continuously evolving, and is drawing the attention of the glass industry.

This is why Colcom continues to invest in research and applied innovation of its hydraulic products with long-term programmes.

What conditions must be met in a miniaturized product context?

However, some conditions must be necessarily met to fully exploit this technology in a miniaturised product: firstly, experience and technical design skills; secondly, the quality of production and assembly that, entirely based in Italy, ensure excellent quality standards.

For our company, being a leader means meeting the needs of users who have a large number of clients with ever increasing expectations.

For instance, for Biloba DUO we implemented the closure brake, which must be capable of dissipating a considerable amount of kinetic energy generated by a 150 kg door that must absolutely not slam even when it is closed carelessly. It is very hard to imagine a product with these characteristics that lacks the aid of a complex internal hydraulic system.

The age of hydraulic hinges is still progressing!