Made Expo 2021 is the place where innovative solutions and products for comfort, sustainability, safety, quality and speed of construction present their technical value to designers, companies and the world of distribution, both nationally and internationally.

Design, construction, renovation, redevelopment, maintenance are interpreted by MADE expo 2021 in an unprecedented layout that facilitates the visit of professionals, favoring the encounter between technical challenges and innovative solutions and between supply and demand.

Colcom has decided to restart its exhibition path from Made Expo 2021.

There were 4 intense but satisfying days in which we rediscovered the beauty of doing business in person, exchanging ideas and discussing with our customers who came to visit us at the stand.

There were four main innovations presented at the fair that our visitors had the opportunity to see installed and in motion.

  • Fluido+ the new compact system for sliding glass doors.
  • Collio, the hinge with polymer shock absorber and automatic closing system for low weight doors.
  • 8500N POLYMER the glass-wall, glass-glass shower enclosure hinges and staggered fin
  • Biloba DUO the hydraulic door closer hinge system for heavy doors

The protagonist was Biloba Duo, the pair of hinges for heavy doors. Shock absorber and extremely strong braking capacity are the main features of this combination. Capacity 150 kg. Comparable to a strength 6 door closer. Elegant and minimal design.

We sincerely thank all those who wanted to visit us and shared with us the beauty of being together.

Thank you