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In this article I would like to explore the meaning of OEM and ODM products, highlighting to what extent Colcom can enhance the value of your business.
Definition of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
An OEM product is created following the purchaser’s product specifications. For instance, any product presenting customised design, material, dimensions, functions or even colours can be classified as OEM. Some people deem that OEM indicates a product entirely designed according to the purchaser’s specifications, while others classify as OEM even the smallest change in design of an existing ODM product. Thus said, most people would agree that the primary definition of an OEM product is a product for which utensils must be created (i.e., injection moulds) before production can commence.

The definition of Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
An ODM product is based on an existing design developed by the manufacturer. An ODM product is the outcome of the supplier’s research and development.
ODM products, which are often called “private brand products”,can be marked with the purchaser’s logo.

Is ODM the same as Private Labelling?
Theoretically it is. The concept that underpins ODM and private labelling is that the supplier provides a model product the purchaser
can brand with his own logo. Hence, the purchaser can save both time and money because he need not implement a lengthy product development process nor invest in costly moulds and other tools.

How is “reverse engineering” performed, and what are the ODM specifications?
ODM products are often customised. It is an ascertained fact that suppliers expect their purchasers to provide product specifications, even if the product they purchase is a so-called ODM product. Hence, the purchaser is required to:
a. list all important product specifications (e.g., dimensions, finishes, specifications, …);
b. confirm all the customisation options available with the supplier (i.e., the materials and finishes offered).

What can Colcom do for your company?
Basically, everything within our power. We have many OEM and ODM clients throughout the world.

Your request is our challenge
Colcom starts where others wrap up! We know by experience that supplying accessories and solutions is something more than merely selling products. This is precisely the reason why our technical engineers contribute all their skills and know-how. We shall assist you in defining the best solution for your every need. After a consultation focused on developing and defining your solution, we shall create your product together.

From idea to finished product
We have long been the trusted suppliers of leading brands. Besides hydraulic hinges for doors, we also offer a wide range of other solutions, such as sliding systems, locks, accessories for display units and shower units. We offer you the opportunity to purchase everything from a single supplier without the hassle of returning products that are unsuitable for your needs, and thus better meeting your personal requirements. This is our daily objective!

Rapid and flexible response to the market,
besides customisation. Flexibility is our strength. With our extensive network, we are the first to identify key market developments and demands. Our agile and flexible team is here to provide an instant response. The construction sector demands you, as entrepreneur, to guarantee flexibility and ongoing innovation, both of which are ensured by Colcom.

Challenge us and we shall support you to the best of our
capacity as consultants, suppliers and partners.

Tom Jacob – Product Manager

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