Picking will facilitate the collection of items from shelves


After several months of development, the innovative software to collect warehouse items is ready. It will further enhance the reliability of a process that was previously carried out by an operator. The assigned staff will have a laptop that can be converted into a tablet, and a Bluetooth barcode scanner. The laptop will display their consignment with the list of items ordered. Hence, they will collect the relative product by scanning the QRcode present on the label affixed to the box.

If the product collected is actually present in the list, the software will count it and add it to the quantity collected by removing it from the warehouse. Conversely,
if the product is not in the list, the software will generate a sound signal and a warning message, informing the operator of the error.
Checks performed during this phase will ensure that code and quantities are correct (the operator may not collect more items than those actually ordered).

Besides the above function, a new label too has been implemented. Generated during the initial management of the production order, it will have a QRcode specifying both the product code, which identifies the type of product, and the serial number (or serial numbers, if the package contains more than one), in order to trace the item from the time of assembly to the moment of its sale.
These two features will ensure better service quality, further enhancing the reliability of consignments, besides increasing visibility of the product’s life, as its history will be traceable.