Process control, eco-sustainability and colour range

Galvacom performs galvanic treatment on brass and aluminium. The company’s plants are capable of meeting a wide range of production requirements; therefore, they offer a complete service for metal surface treatment.

The experience acquired over the years has ensured Galvacom’s excellence in specific treatments, such as chrome plating of aluminium. But the renewal process never draws to a close, and it is precisely with ongoing updates that Galvacom’s knowhow is expanding day by day.


Experience is never an intrinsic quality. Experience is acquired on a daily basis, in an organisational development process that is in step with its products. The finishes proposed by Galvacom clearly represent this evolution. Indeed, the selection has increased over the years, counting several proposals today, with hues studied to meet the miscellaneous market demands.

The first step to ensure that every phase is carried out with the utmost care is to personally supervise the entire process. From surface preparation, to galvanic processing of aluminium and brass, and the final shift to PVD.

Galvacom controls each of these processes. At the end of all the operations, quality control is performed with the utmost care by the in-house laboratory using the thermal shock test and the salt spray test.

The innovative chromium plating system based on PVD (PHYSICAL VAPOUR DEPOSITION) uses plasma technology. This environmentally friendly process does not use toxic chemical products for applications. Instead, it exploits low cost materials and does not alter the physical appearance of the surfaces treated as it is completely invisible. This technology offers the benefit of eliminating heavy metals – such as chromium and derivatives in wastewater and during processing, of considerable water savings, and of reducing hazardous gas emissions with remarkable beneficial effects for both the environment and for the health of workers.

The new range of special finishes: surface emotions

Finiture speciali

Galvacom offers a wide choice of finishes, each one performed by carefully supervising the production process.


  • ultrasound degreasing of the parts
  • preliminary treatment to meet requisites for excellent surface adherence
  • nickel-plating with appropriate thicknesses and processes. First columnar and then lamellar nickel with overall thickness 22 micron (only for aluminium plating).
  • chromium-plating with 0.23 micron chromium thickness (only for aluminium chrome-plating).
  • tests to ensure adherence of the parts, checked with the thermal shock test
  • corrosion resistance check using thesalt spray test AASS (Acetic Acid Salt Spray) with a 220-hour cycle
  • drying of the parts by oven heating.
  • securing the parts with particular dedicated frames for excellent performance and premium quality.

The PVD process is carried out using nanotechnologies. It allows to produce very thin coats that stand apart for their particular physical and mechanical features, corrosion and wear resistance and, especial-ly, ecological efficiency.

Guida alla scelta delle finiture