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Colcom was established in 1961. From a small company that was only working on behalf of a third party, in a short time Colcom transformed its business producing glass fittings, hinges and door closers.

The first plant dates back to the late sixties and so does the "Evergreen" series: linear and functional products which immediately met a wide consensus in the marketplace. In the early ‘80s the company's products began to be known abroad; but it is in 1993 that the company took a qualitative leap thanks to the patent on the automatic hinges, which is still Colcom’s pride within its rich production.

In 2003 Colcom inaugurated the new headquarters in Nave, Italy and the following year sees the establishment of Minusco Holding, which distributes Colcom products in Italy and abroad. 2007 is a further milestone, with the birth of Biloba and Triloba – patented internationally by Colcom – as a new concept of door closer hinges for the installation of glass doors.

2013 marks the birth of Colcom Group where Colcom becomes the main brand within the Group. In 2014 the company was acquired by Wise SGR, a private equity firm that, along with Colcom Group management team, started a development process with the goal of giving a strong sales push and a wider penetration worldwide.

In 2017 Colcom Group acquires the French company Sadev, which specializes with studying, designing, developing and production of external glass fixing systems, structural façades and balustrades, increasing thus the supplying range.