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Colcom Group acquires Sadev

Private equity: Colcom Group, a company owned by Wise SGR, acquires the French company Sadev

Milan, 16 January 2017 – Colcom Group, a leading company in the production and distribution of hinges, locks and fastenings for doors and panels in tempered glass, has acquired 100% of Sadev, a French company based in Annecy specialized in the sector of fastenings for outdoor glass panes, facades and balustrade, which had in 2016 a turnover of more than EUR 7 million and an EBITDA of around EUR 1 million.

Colcom Group – with a turnover of EUR 16 million in 2016 – is market leader in Italy and one of the most important European player, with an export quota of more than 50%, which is likely to grow after the acquisition with Sadev. Following the integration of the two companies, the weight of the turnover produced in Italy decreases from 50 to 30%. The aim of the Group is to reach a turnover of EUR 30 million within the next two years, without considering potential new acquisitions.

The operation is part of the development plan that the management team of Colcom, together with the shareholder Wise SGR, is carrying on with the aim of giving a strong sales incentive and a higher penetration into the international markets.
The acquisition is very strategic because of the strong complementarity of the companies and the achievable synergies, mostly in the higher target of the market where both of them show innovation characteristics and attention for the design, supported by an average annual investment in research & development and licenses in the amount of 8% of the turnover.

Thanks to Sadev, Colcom Group will be able to extend its products range, with the addition of a series of outdoor devices to its production, mainly focused on the indoor glass panes.
The acquisition allows Colcom to access a new sales and distribution network of general contractors and architects with whom Sadev use to work. In the end, the integration of the two companies will grant a dimensional growth to the Group that will allow it to become more efficient and attractive and more able to compete on the international markets.

Frederic Fievet, CEO of Sadev and Gabriele Basile, CEO of Colcom, commented the operation: “We are very satisfied because the complementarity of the products and of the network sales represent an ideal starting point for the development of the Group that will become more competitive on the international market”. Frederic Fievet will invest in the Colcom Group, together with Wise and the management team of Colcom.

Colcom products are placed in the airports of Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Ataturk in Istanbul, in the hotels of prestigious chains including Sheraton, Marriott and Hilton, in important gym chains such as Virgin in Italy. Among the relevant installations furnished by Saved there are: the Rolex shop in Milan, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, the Cité du vin in Bordeaux, the Dubai airport and the Éducation center of Doha in Quatar.

Colcom has been supported by Simmons&Simmons as legal advisor and by Spad Partners as fiscal advisor. 



Wise SGR S.p.A. (www.wisesgr.it) specializes in the management of Private Equity closed-end funds, investing in small and medium-sized companies, with a special focus on Italy. The funds managed by Wise are typically involved in leverage buy-out and capital increase transactions, dedicated to companies that are leaders in their niche markets. The two major objectives are to lead “build-up” transactions, in order to enhance competitiveness and profitability, and to push the international development. Wise has currently managed two Funds: Wisequity II, with a commitment of €170 million, which is in the process of disinvestment, and Wisequity III, with an endowment of over €180 million and six investments in its portfolio, including Alpitour, Biolchim, Colcom Group, Primat, NTC-PH&T and Controls. Today Wise SGR closes its Wisequity IV with a total commitment of €215 million equating to the hard cap of the Fund; Wisequity IV is already active and closed three investments: Corob, KBC and Guarisco.

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