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Biloba Evo, the hinge that revolutionized the idea of the door closer was used on Kiro's entry door in Bolzano.

To showcase the store front window of the Kiro's store located in the central area of Bolzano. The idea was to display great importance to the aesthetic beauty of the window made from a single block of glass without sacrificing the functional aspect of the accessories. This must have minimal aesthetic impact to give extreme transparency and lightness at the entrance. Also, in an environment of great passage; the door must also guarantee great stability and security.

The solution was to use the Biloba Evo hydraulic hinge. This hinge was the first hydraulic door closer hinge able to guarantee adjustable closing and constant braking control for all angles of door opening up to 180 °. This hinge is quipped with an anti-breakaway shock absorber and with an overpressure device that avoids breakages in case of accidental jerking. This hinge has the internal mechanism and the hydraulic system covered by international patents.

Speedy delivery and quick and easy on-site installation thanks to the clear assembly installation instructions provided in every box we produce. No floor breakage is required with this hinge. The minimal and compact design of the Biloba Evo hinge makes it extremely adaptable to any type of door application. This ranges from the interiors of private homes or offices and to the exteriors of high-rise public buildings, as well as wall partitions for bathrooms without excluding many other areas.

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